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The best of Fancy colored diamonds

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the ultimate luxury

Fancy colored diamonds are extremely rare; for every 100,000 carats of diamonds mined, less than one carat will receive a fancy color grade. In addition to this, supply is dwilling and very few people in the world have the skills necessary to cut and polish such extraordinary gems.

In the world of colored diamonds only a few specialized cutters master the optics and the mathematics required to achieve the ideal cut. One that maximizes the face-up color, weight and brilliance of the stone ; all within the constraints set by the shape of the rough diamond.

A fancy color diamond cutter is a multi-faceted individual that must possess a good knowledge of diamond crystallography and geometry, an eye for detail and an acute sense of aesthetics.

Thus, every fancy color diamond in a unique work of art;created by nature between 100 million years ago and crafted to perfection by anexperience cutter.

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become diamonds collector

The timeless appeal of natural color diamonds is a testament to their durability, beauty, rarity and value. They are a fitting symbol of love and affection, and a wise and discreet investment.

Throughout the ages, natural color diamonds have been actively collected by the most powerful royal families and business tycoons; they possess a value, both aesthetic and pecuniary, that endures with the passing of the years.

A collection of natural color diamonds tells a story of achievement.

We help educate your choices in beginning a collection, adding to or perfecting an existing one and planning the building of a future legacy.

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be part of the creative process

At PINK Diamonds, we are not only retailers: We offer a personalized experience to all our clients.

All our products are passionately designed and crafted by our team and we attach great importance to the desires of our customers.

Involving the customer in the creative process allows us to provide custom designs and create unique pieces of colored diamond jewelry.

Rings, Necklaces, Earrings or Brooches; there is no limits to highlight the wonderful shine of colored diamonds. All boldnesses are allowed and encouraged, as colored Diamonds are a reflection of an adventurous and creative mind.

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